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winter taking us for a ride the last few days. >> that's right. >>> the other big story, the economy. the powerful rally on wall street. if you've invested in stocks, these are some pretty good days. >> and for the reasons that shares are trading at near record levels, we're pleased to say we are joined here in new york by abc's tahman bradley. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: good morning, sunny and rob. so nice to be up here with you, i brought some good news. seems like the economy is turning around. new data is -- are giving both investors and home owners reasons to smile. the economy posts numbers we haven't seen in years. it looks and feels like a comeback. stocks and the nation's housing market are soaring. the dow jones nearly hit the 14,000 mark yesterday, closing at 13,954, its highest level in five years. after an increase of 850 points in january, the dow is only 200 points away from its all-time high. the result, american investments are surging. the average 401(k) retirement account increased 20% in the last year. from $64,000 to roughly $80,000. >> the worst case sce
's not as if latinos say immigration is my top issue, the economy is their top issue. if they don't do this, republicans could make themselves the minority party for the next generation. >> two things, one is this is not -- we're not going to deport the people who are already here. we're not actually going to reverse this. the fact of immigration is going to happen, the question about what we'll do about border control, some of that in these proposals but in any case that's almost a separate issue. one is regularizing the status of people here, basically making them legal, bringing them under labor law, all of that, how could you really be against that? it's, you know, got to be good for everybody to do that. the republican party has a problem. the leadership understands that they cannot -- they're doomed if they are only the party of old white people, to put it bluntly. the problem is their base is old white people, and so the rank and file, which answers to base, which doesn't fear democrats but does fear tea party challengers may not go along, but this is clearly -- there's no possible -
. >> consumer reports say small engines may not deliver the speed or fuel economy they claim saying the tests show turbo charged models from ford, hyundai, and kia fall short of expectations and the chevrolet turbo charged got little extra power than the models with conventional engines. a four cylinder from bmw does deliver of good fuel economy and acceleration according to consumer reports. >> the worker who goal from a construction site survived the fall because of plastic. the worker plunged 30' from this building into plastic sheeting wrapped around the site he worked on. he was tangled in the heavy duty plastic and was cut free despite the padded landing, he was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. >> a bit of good luck. >> the san francisco 49ers' season ended in pride and heartbreak. the last duty the niners have to handle this morning. >> week long hostage stand off comes to a dramaticnd in alabama with new develop ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more
endured white knuckle days the economy tanking, debating along the way, should i keep my money in? do i take it out? dave ramsey travels across the country giving financial advice, he has 5 million radio listeners a week, a giant voice urging boomers near the bottom of the market -- telling them keep their money in. a lot of people think if they take it out they can time the market. >> we were standing in the street corners screaming when everything was going down, don't pull your money out, the only person that gets hurt on a roller coaster are those that jump off. >> reporter: a study says two-thirds of americans plan to delay retirement, rosemary just retired when the market began to drop. she stayed the course on on track, now giving tips to other boomers. but the advice her husband dividend, keeping their 401(k)s. >> he wanted to pull everything out, i hoped it would come back, we decided to leave it there and hope it would come back. >> reporter: who was right? >> theoretically i was, but it's come back about 75%. >> reporter: and look at this tonight, our business unit crunching
more trucks, she says it's not a leap that the economy is chugging along. trucking, in fact, is up in recent months. joel naroff said, with the holidays behind us, look at shoppers leaving the malls. are they empty handed or still carrying several bags? and paint prices. it's more than just a fresh coat. it the writing on the wall. more demand for paint and its key ingredients send the prices up. all things to watch for and tonight, the walters say they'll be looking, as they look for more places to travel to. >> we can think about those places we'd like to travel that are still on our bucket list. >> reporter: there are many places still on their bucket list. and you heard the economists there say, while we're not there yet, that the foundation of this recovery is real. watch for those trucks on the interstate, watch for the paint prices. when they start to go up, there's real demand. people are painting the walls. >> okay, the big picture tonight from david muir. thank you, david. >>> and we want to bring you up to date on the eerie sight in china tonight. you know they're battli
consistent job growth and some think the economy added 155,000 jobs last month but they expect the unemployment rate to remain at 7.8 percent. >> senator john kerry is set to be sworn in today as secretary of state after an emotional farewell to the senate after representing massachusetts for the past 28 years. he is set to take the oath of office for his new post in a small private ceremony. john kerry will succeed secretary of state, hillary clinton, who officially steps down today. at his request, john kerry will be sworn in by supreme court justice kagan. >> next, the bag of jewels police in the east bay are trying to reunite with its owner. >> new warning of energy drinks and what they could to do your >> welcome back, this morning police are looking for the owner of a bag of jewelry found in fremont. these are pictures of the jewelry found in a bag. a maintenance worker found the bag in the bushes yesterday morning. many of the items still have the price tags attached. if some of this belongs to you, contact the fremont police department. >> this morning, another reminder
for the bay area economy. a new report out this morning says silicon valley bounced out of the recession last year adding jobs and income. overall, income in silicon valley rose 2.2 percent according to the group joint venture silicon valley. employment was up 4 percent last quarter from the year before the sharpest increase in a decade but the rebound hasn't been a cure all for all. african-americans' income fell an average 18 percent last year and hispanic income dropped 5 percent. >> dell will leave the stock market. the company founder and a group of investers hoped to buy the company and take it private a deal worth $24 billion. shareholders have to approve the plan. dell struggled losing a third of their market value and falling behind rivals apple and samsung. >> nothing private about the weather forecast. we have clouds out there. >> lot of clouds. they are high mid-level clouds and not dropping any rain. it is not this cold front i am worried about but the next one, on thursday. i will give you an update on the rain. >> you want to get pregnant? we will tell you why you might want to
-time highs yesterday we got a report that the economy shrank last quarter so which direction are we moving in economists at j.p. morgan chase and morgan stanley say the economy will rebound after plunging defense spending hurt and the chief economist at middle east analysts say the growing strength in the labor market will light a fire under growth. we will see how the market is this morning. weekly jobless claim numbers were worse-than-expected so still the markets are optimistic and trading higher. the silicon valley index is positive. facebook shares are lower, disappointing investors with the latest earning reports. barbie fans, the first barbie cafe open in taiwan. the hot pink diner features pink tables and sofas and the staff wears pink tutus. how about taking your spouse on a romantic trip open valentine's day? the majority of people who travel say their relationship with their loved one would improve if they went on more trips together. men are more inclined than women to go on a romantic trip, new york and san francisco are among the top choice destinations. >> vacation to san fr
. >> the president said the economy is poised to expand this year after 2.2 million jobs were created last year. republicans say this is the chance for congress to begin balancing our nation's checkbook. jump starting the economy and restoring faith in our government. >>> energy secretary steven chu is stepping down. the former head of the lawrence berkeley national lab drew a lot of political fire during his tenure on the president's cab net. but as abc7 news political reporter mark matthew notes, khu also drew a lot of talent to the department as he worked to reshape its mission. >> at the white house, president obama publicly thank the steven chu for his service. steven has a great friend, a tremendous colleague working on a whole range of energy issues, but also designing a cap to plug the hole in the middle of the gulf of mexico when anyone else could figure it out. that's typical of the incredible contributionings he's made to this country. >> when he came here he had a nobel prize in physics but knee real experience in politics. >> he said honest things about climate change and energy wh
america compete for the best jobs and new industries. >> the president said the economy is poised to expand this year after 2.2 million jobs were created last year. republicans say this is the chance for congress to begin balancing our nation's checkbook. jump starting the economy and restoring faith in our government. >>> energy secretary steven chu is stepping down. the former head of the lawrence berkeley national lab drew a lot of political fire during his tenure on the president's cab -- cabinet. but as abc7 news political reporter mark matthew notes, khu also drew a lot of talent to the department as he worked to reshape its mission. >> at the white house, president obama publicly thanked steven chu for his service steven has a great friend, a tremendous colleague working on a whole range of energy issues, but also designing a cap to plug the hole in the middle of the gulf of mexico when anyone else could -- nobles to figure it out. that's typical of the incredible contributions he's made to this country. >> when he came here he had a nobel prize in physics but knee no real
extra power or fuel economy than the models with bigger conventional engines. a four cylinder from bmw delivers on a promise of good fuel economy and acceleration according to consumer reports. >> in boston, a worker would fell from a construction site survived the fall because of plastic wrap. the worker plunged 30' from this building into mistick -- plastic sheeting. he was tangled in the heavy duty plastic and needed to be cut free despite the padded landing he was taken to the hospital but he is going to be okay. >> next at 6:00, the final step of the 49ers today after returning home from the super bowl in new orleans. >> the golden state versus the lone star state. the war of words with a texas counterpart. >> we are minutes away from the start of a florida hearing for george zimmerman and what he @ññ!ñcúsys of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve
compete for the best jobs and new industries. >> carolyn: president says the economy is poised to expand this year after 2.2 million jobs were created last year. republicans say this is the chance for congress to begin balancing the nation's checkbook jumpstart go the economy and restoring faith in our government. >>> energy secretary steven chu is stepping down. the former head of the berkeley lawrence lab drew a lot of fire but as political reporter mark matthews, he also drew a lot of talent to the department as he worked to reshape its mission. >> at the white house, president obama thanked him for his service. >> he has been a great friend over the past four years working on energy issues but also designing a cap to plug a hole in the gulf of mexico when nobody else could figure it out. >> when he came to washington in 2009 from u.c. berkeley he had a nobel prize in physics but no experience in washington politics. >> he said honest things about climate change and energy that he had to political reasons walk back during his confirmation hearings. >> things like coal is my worst nigh
yeefr's 1% growth rate.xhn with fears about the sluggish economy slowed thicks down. back to you. >> okay. thank you very much. see you tomorrow. >> just a gorgeous view from behind emily there. with ridge, blue sky autos felt like spring out there. >> it did. this is stunning. our rainfall sock. >> yes. >> so this is guilt free, then. you cannot find a cloud in the sky. it's awesome out there. satellite and radar image shows a cloud free sky over the bay area. here is a look at forecast features, clear, cool overmild night, cooler with a bit of unsettled weather next week but that is off at the moment. now, massive ridge of high pressure high and dry into the weekend. in san francisco, it's the third driest january n record. and the driest since 1976. just over half an inch of rainfall total. overnight tonight, chilly and once again, low temperatures dropping into mid-30s and locations like santa rosa and napa. inland east bay, chilly with low of 37 in livermore, climb into the south bay. sunny skies with highs 66 in san jose.Ñf 66 in redwood city. 65 degrees downtown to. 67 in
loans. economists say, it's a sign that the economy is improving. >>> and the flu was bad for us. but good for clorox. the company had a big increase in earnings, thanks for strong sales of its disinfecting wipes and other products. clorox bleach is also doing well in stores. >>> apple's upgraded ipad hits stores today. this version of the ipad 4 will be chock full of storage to the tune of 28 gigabytes. it will cost about 800 bucks for the wi-fi only version. but it will cost more for lte. >>> a penny for your thoughts? maybe not. canada's decision to stop minting pennies have many wondering how long the u.s. coin could lost. it costs more than a penny to make a penny. the canadian government is telling shop owners to round up their prices to the nearest nickel for cash transactions. interesting. >>> imagine this. being a billionaire at 30 years old. owner of a wildly popular hamburger chain. bloomberg has blown the cover on lindsay torres. in-n-out burger, the chain with a cult following across the western states and texas. it was started by her grandparents. but torres had to
in. >> this economy is headed in the right direction ask will stay that way as long as there aren't any self inflekted wounds-Ñ;n. >> it's a lot of money. it's down nearly $1.1 trillion. at a peak of $1.4 trillion at the end of president bush's second term. experts say the deficit could drop by 2015. >> today, british parliament legalized same-sex marriage that7:ru:u&d allow couples to get married in both civil and religious ceremonies if instit yug as agree to it. it needs to pass a final vote next week. the u.s. military appears ready to extend benefits to same-sex partners of service members. a final decision has not been made on which benefits would be included. pentagon is likely to aallow the partners to have access to some programs. the pentagon repealed a ban on openly gay service men and women 16 months ago stit of florida's python challenge seems to beç&ój paying dividen. the commission says 50 nonnative pythons have been captured during the first three weeks of the competition. officials organized this contevt to raise awareness about the snake's threat to wildlife.
says steer clear of economy paint. >> a good price is a good thing. but stay away from really inexpensive paints. none of the top picks were under $20. >> you don't need to spend top dollar. benjiman moore which can cost $68 a gallon did well burke not top rated in consumer reports latest paint tests. highest scores went to paints that cost half that much. and kensington sold at ace hardware store autos it topped our ratings in satin finish, then, semi gloss is great for trim. >> these clark and kensington paints left a smooth finish. even after a thousand passes with the stiff scrub brush. plus they're superb at hiding. you can cover hold paint you're tired of looking at. >> it's also self priming. you can save time. >> the fact gail could get paint at ace store made the job easier, too. if you hope at home depot or lows consumer reports says paints available at these stores did really well in the tests as well, home depot, several paints by behr are recommended in all sheens including premium pus ultraenamel z gliden premium for about $25 a gallon. if you prefer lowe's, cons
the economy contracted slightly last quarter. the biggest reasons was the plunge in defense spending and the biggest in 40 years. some say consumer spending picked up. the number is not as bad as it seemed. investors are waiting to see what the federal government says after a meeting of two days. we are higher with the dow starting lower, but, we have climbed back up into territory in the green there across the board and the bloomberg silicon valley index is up. amazon is share with a jump in holiday shopping and facebook is the one to watch today and tomorrow with analysts forecasting they will report a pickup in groups with results after the closing bell and watch for the company and what they have to say about mobile and showing they are monetizing mobile. in a few minutes research in motion will unveil the new blackberry 10, counting on the new operating system to reverse their failed slump, and this is a make-or-break kind of thing for research in motion which they hope to reverse sales. >> have a great day. >> starting out gorgeous and a warm up nice in the afternoon. >> nice t
.d.p. report showing the economy shrinking by a quarter. the dow and s&p and nasdaq traded higher and the dow not quite 14,000 yet but we are slowly getting closer and the silicon valley index is trading up under half a percent higher. chevron reporting a bump in profits but smaller than expected. are you planning on watching the super bowl? 91 percent of consumers watching the game are also looking forward to the commercials. 81 percent say they like the funny ones. 25 percent prefer sentimental commercials. you do not have to wait until the super bowl to see the ads, ads are on youtube as they get as much bang as they can get out of the 30-second spots that cost $4 million each. americans are expected to consume 79 million pounds of avocado on sunday because of the popularity of guacamole which is 158 million avocados. >> quickly, gin, we heard a lot of applause, was that for you? >> it is my fan club. actually, i don't know what it was. there was a company that went public today, so i think it may have had something to do with that. >> okay, i am sticking with my story. you have a great we
up slightly to 7.9 percent, up .1 percent from december but the economy added 157,000 jobs in january and we see how investors react to the news when wall street opens for business if less than an hour. >> we will do that originally, originally, originally, originally, originally, seashells by the seashore. i am good, everyone. >> we will start with our sat flight radar and show you the pattern going on. you can see the high pressure here but clockwise flow deflecting a system to the north, and clouds from the south, that is tomorrow's weather and the reason why we will not be so warm. the fog thickens and talked about not bay but it is hazy in more areas this morning than year. 37 inland to low-to-mid 40's around the bay and the coast and mid-50's to 60 at noon and sunny through the day with let to mid-60's in the afternoon and grab a light jacket in evening, mid-40's to low 50's. moving forward, the weekend, tomorrow, there you go, temperatures in the let to mid-60's and more sunshine and slightly warmer for sunday and monday and back in the low-to-mid 60's and possibly a few upper
for positive signs about the economy. that's in our top story. so some good news, finally. >> after, what, the last couple years of not so good news. ti finally. everything is temporary. never know if it's going to be sustainable. but today, things are looking good. may be a good time to sell your home. >>> a strange weather system is bringing tornados to the south, and a meltdown to the north, followed by drastic changes. stay tuned for accuweather. really wacky weather since october. >> it's been weird. just keep the skies clear above new orleans for the super bowl. take it easy on there, mother nature. >>> also this morning, what a way to impress your hometown. the high-wire stunt above sarasota, florida. wait until you hear about what he plans to do next. a family of truly brave people. bravery i will never know. >> i won't know it, either. i'm with you on that. >> he made it, though. >>> later this half hour, another member of whitney houston's family is revealing new secrets about her past. yesterday we heard from her mother. and now another relative is speaking out. very, very inte
wednesday, after word that the economy actually shrank last quarter. largely because government spending cuts. >>> and a daring escape attempt in ohio. police surveillance video showing this, a woman in handcuffs, smashing her way out of a police car, actually kicking out the window. showering the arresting officer with glass in the process. but she didn't get far before turning on police. she had been accused of punching her own mother. >>> and a night-time rescue caught on camera in new york harbor. a captain of a cargo ship, having a heart attack. police brought in their chopper. lifted him off the boat, so they could rush him to the hospital. he survived and is recovering this morning. >>> and finally, let's chock one up for the fish. some fishermen hooked a giant black marlin off of panama. but the fish put up a fight. and a big one. brought down the boat. you can see it in this series of stills. this fish took the whole thing down. the boat ended up at the ocean's bottom. the fishermen, rescued. they're okay. as for the marlin, right now, the marlin's with his buddies saying, the b
cost of crude oil. >>> and we're getting our first major read how the economy is faring thus far. 157,000 jobs were created. fewer than the economists had expected. the unemployment ticked up slightly. raising from 7.8% to 7.9%. >>> and a $30,000 reward is now being offered following the brazen murder of an assistant district attorney near dallas. mark hasse was ambushed by a masked gunman, shot five times while walking into court. investigators believe he may have been targeted for investigating the aryan brotherhood. >>> we have a developing story south of the border. a massive explosion at the headquarters of mexico's state-run oil agency in mexico city. 25 people were killed. more than 100 injured. more could be buried in the rubble. no word on what caused the explosion. >>> today is secretary of state hillary clinton's final day in office. but she's not leaving without issuing a warning. clinton says that iran is getting more involved in syria's civil war. so much so that a wider conflict involving israel is becoming more likely. and just this morning, israeli warplanes reportedl
. corporate earnings are up. and so are home sales. home prices are up 5.5% from a year ago. the economy is still growing at a relatively slow pace. this monthly jobs report due out friday is expected to show that the unemployment rate has not budged. >>> now to a developing story overnight. a new doping scandal in sports. this time, in major league baseball. involving some of the sport's biggest stars. officials are investigating a report in a florida newspaper that claims that yankees star alex rodriguez, nationals pitcher gio gonzalez, and four others were sold performance-enhancing drugs in the last three years by a clinic in florida. gonzalez and rodriguez have already issued statements denying any links to the clinic. but our colleagues at espn report that the yankees are trying to void the remainder of alex rodriguez's contract. >>> and a new revelation in the boeing's 787 dreamliner investigation. the plane has been grounded. now, we've learned boeing was told about repeated problems with the batteries months before one of them caught fire in boston. however, safety regulators di
, the first major indicator of the economy this year released this morning. the first monthly jobs report is expected to show employers made 165,000 new hires in the month of january. that's up from 155,000 back in december. analysts predict little change though from the 7.8% unemployment rate. >>> with a vote to extend the nation's debt limit the senate kicked the proverbial can down the road again. senators passed a bill yesterday that allows the nation to borrow above its current debt limit through the middle of may. that averts a government default and puts off a clash over taxes and spending for a few months. president obama said he will sign that bill into law. >>> now to a consumer alert for parents about a big recall of children's cough and cold medicines. the makers of triaminic and theraflu warning, they're recalling 2 million packages of medicine. tamper resistant caps may be faulty posing risk of poisoning and the recall follows a dozen consumer complaints. >>> history of priest abuse allegations made public following a court order against the l.a. catholic archdiocese. 30,000
after the financial crisis sank the economy, the wall street credit agenesis may finally have to face the music. the justice department is suing standard & poor's, saying the agency ignored its own standards and gave its blessings for the toxic securities. s&p says it's being unfairly punished. >>> and a horrifying attack at the circus. american trainer alexander crispin. performing in front of a crowd. one of the tigers attacks him. crispin, just 35 years old, would later die from neck injuries. >>> and a big scare at a construction site in boston. a worker fell, plummeting 30 feet from that building. not, however, seriously hurt. he landed, however miraculously, on a pile of bubble wrap, the material being used to cover the scaffolding. >> what a sound that made. >> it likely saved his life. and please, don't try that at home. >>> finally, you might want to try this at home. a very lucky fishing trip for a couple from arkansas. on the way out of town, stephen weaver and his wife bought a lottery scratch ticket. it was a winner. a big one. $1 million big. so, on the way home, they st
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